The Princewills Trust

The Princewills Trust is a non-governmental organization set up under the auspices of Prince Tonye Princewill. It is focused primarily on the promotion of human capacity, by any means possible, and has a host of novel projects and uniquely adapted intervention programmes to point to, from 2002 to date.

The Trust is deeply committed to providing humane services and the sustainable empowerment of the talented, the skillful and the hard and smart working people, particularly in Rivers state, with the motto of leaving no group behind.

Over the years its outreach has extended to women empowerment programmes, medical missions, disaster recovery, scholarships, adapted orphanage programmes, skill acquisition programmes, talent hunts and youth mentoring.

We have also been at the forefront of flood relief, primary health care programmes, photography, rural women development, ICT and film making. We are also very proud of our monthly Help a hardworker, and Help a Smartworker competitions.

Even though the formal registration of the Princewill Trust took place in June, 2012, the activities started in 2002 and were bourne out of the very compelling need for the Royal family of the Ancient Kalabari Kingdom to ameliorate first, the sufferings of her subjects and then the people of the wider Niger Delta region, who have been subjected to very devasting levels of poverty and deprivation.

The Princewills Trust as a legally Registered Organisation in Nigeria has the following eminent persons as its trustees’ cum Directors.

They are:-

  • His Serene Majesty, King (Prof) Theophilus J. T. Princewill
  • Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill
  • Mrs Rosemary Princewill, and
  • Ms Mina Omunguye – Coordinator

The Princewill Trust has the following specific objectives as contained in its founding document:

  1. The promotion of education and the support of youths in the entertainment and sports industry.
  2. To promote scholarships for indigent Nigerian students to study in universities and centres for vocational education.
  3. The promotion of peace and conflict resolution as well as support conflict avoidance mechanisms in the volatile Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.
  4. Training of youths and women in vocations, crafts and management of small/ medium scale enterprises.
  5. To promote and advocate for women’s economic and political emancipation in Nigeria.
  6. Carry out advocacy for the implementation of the Child’s Rights Act in Nigeria.

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